LUCENSE SCpA, OR, partner


LUCENSE is a non-profit private-public company, founded in 1984. Shareholders are among the local public bodies, banks and foundations and trade associations of the province of Lucca. Its mission is to support the local and regional economy, but over the years LUCENSE reference market has gradually widened to national and, for certain activities, international level.

Since 2010 LUCENSE is a research organization under the EU Commission Communication n.2006/C323/01, and conducts industrial research, experimental development, technology transfer and dissemination.

Since 2011 LUCENSE is the managing authority of the Innovation Pole for the Paper Industry (INNOPAPER), one of the 7 poles established by Regione Toscana in the strategy to support firms competitiveness.

The company also provides qualified and innovative services through its business units:

  • Centro Qualità Carta, independent testing laboratory, a reference point in Italy for paper products quality control;
  • ICT, over 25 years of experience and the first Internet Service Provider of Lucca, since 1995, with the host LUNET;
  • Consultancy for the implementation of research projects and the access to local, regional, national and European funding programmes.